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Ok one last post. Tomorrow is the day. I have to share that it has been five years since we have taken a real vacation. There are three of us going and I have filled all five pieces of luggage and now I have to go borrow some because there is still a pile of stuff. Tell me there is never a time where I have to handle my own luggage (except loading in to car at pier). With a two year old in a stroller I don't see how it will be possible! I'm pretty sure there wont be any sleeping tonight. I had no idea I would get this excited. Of course all the fears of forgetting important stuff, how many diapers do you really need for 8 nights, how many times will I spill on myself and need clean clothes, will it be hot, cold both etc... Words of encouragment needed here! I don't think anyone wants to hear about my excitement one more time. Sooo, I thought i'd post one more time and say thank you for all the info everyone so graciously shares, the ears to listen that understand what Im going through. I promise to come back and share my new found knowlege and of course give a review. I'll look forward to talking to you all soon, and thanks again! Pamela
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