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I just went on the liberty of the seas earlier on in the month. My flight left at 7am (on the day the ship was to set sail), and arrived in Miami around 10am. We had no delays, and no problems. Someone from RC was waiting for us at the airport when we arrived and took our luggage from us and we boarded a bus at 11am to go to the ship. RC said that our ship would start boarding around 1 or 2pm and would stop boarding people around 4pm.. We got to the ship sometime before noon, and we sat in a waiting area with about 500 other people, for probably no more than an hour when RC started boarding people. The boarding process went fairly smoothly. I didnt feel like I was waiting around forever, and we were able to board the ship early in the day. I was also lucky - no flight problems! The next time I go I would definetly book a flight a day earlier and stay in a nearby hotel for one night.

good luck!