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Sorry, you can't put 5 people in one Cabin on the newer ships like the Glory.

Finding new friends at Camp Carnival has always been the luck of the draw. Our boys have usually always found one or two to hang with.

Is she in high school? If so, even though she is 14...she may qualify for Club O2 (if you think she is mature enough to go there). Some times Club O2 will allow them to move UP if they are 14 and a freshman in highschool or if their 15th birthday is within 3 months of the cruise.

If neither of those apply, then I hope she finds someone on this cruise to make it more memorable for her. I remember when mine were 14...tough age. To old for 12 year olds, but sometimes not mature enough to be around 17 year olds....

good luck and happy cruising!!