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Just returned from Disney Wonder. Beverages that are free 24 hours a day, if you get from fountain yourself. Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, diet sprite, fruit punch, unsweet tea, HI C, 2 or 3 other kids drinks. Milk and Choc Milk in small cartons are free for the asking. There is a frig in the stateroom so we ordered our milk with our room service and kept in our frig. If you order a soft drink at the bar or from room service there is a charge. Water is 2.10 a bottle. We took our own water and had no problems.
My daughters drink of choice is diet mountain dew and crown royal, and they had none not even mellow yello, and the crown royal was 2.10 a shot. The bartender suggested that she buy a bottle of crown royal and mountain dew in Nassau and bring back on ship and she could use that in her stateroom and we had no problem with this either. The crown roayl was only 18.00 where it is 32.00 here in kentucky.