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I am not sure everyone is waiting till the last minute but with the mad rush to get a passport and the system being so backed up it made sense to wait till it slowed down since they extended the deadline. My husband and I do have our passports as we travel alot but our adult children and grandchildren who are on our cruise Nov 1 all decided to wait since it was only going to add more expense to their vacation now. My one daughter is a single mother with 3 children. 4 passports can add up. They do not travel out of the country except for a cruise and do not see another cruise in the near future. I am sure they will apply for theirs when they return so they will be ready for the next cruise in a year or so.

My daughter called last night in a panic and said that people at work told her it was all over the news that you have to have a passport NOW. That would mean that 18 of the 20 people in our group would possibly miss the boat not to mention the hundreds of others too! It could be a really quiet ship. No problem getting a chair by the pool now!