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You can see parts of the water park from Cabbage Beach (the free beach adjacent to the Atlantis property), but not enough to know exactly what it is. You can tell the truth to your children, you have to stay there to use all of the ammenities. They do charge to see the aquarium, however, if you get a good cab driver he might be able to get you in to a portion of it for free. You can see some of it for free from the hotel lobby area (downstairs). Cabbage Beach is a really nice free beach and I think your children will be very happy to visit it. The day passes that they sell to Atlantis really don't let you use all of the facilities, so you won't be telling your children a fib. I didn't buy a beer in Nassau nor did I buy any food last year, but I don't remember it being that expensive. You're close enough to the ship that you could go back to get lunch, though. Usually, we just eat a decent breakfast, go out for a snorkel or tour, come back grab a bite and change, then go back out for a snorkel or shopping or another tour. If you want to stay at the beach all day, I'm sure there will be some locals selling beer for less than the hotels. The most expensive islands we've been to, beer was around $4/bottle, but I really don't remember Nassau being that expensive.