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Take me with you!!! I am ready to do it again.

We tendered in Cozumel and Grand Cayman. The Royal Caribean ships have what looks like a temporary pier to dock at. Carnival and the others have to tender ashore.

Consequently, it took awhile to fill up the tenders and unload at the dock so it does take awhile. I think we waited about 30 minutes to get off. They also let those people on ship excursions off first by giving them a numbered tender sticker. However, if you go to the theater were they gather, they will give you a sticker no questions asked and you can just get on a tender.

I was in Coz two years ago and I was shocked this time to see the once huge pier nothing but big chunks of concrete and twisted metal.

Grand Cayman uses smaller, more frequent tenders so it took very little time to get off the ship and get back on.

Ochos Rios has a long pier and you can just walk off and stagger back later (remember the 151 rum?)

In terms of getting around on the ship, I don't quite understand what you mean.

We were on deck 2 aft on the port side. (That's at the rear and on the left side of the ship for you land lovers). We were right around the corner from the rear elevators and stairs and the Paris Dining room was right up the stairs on deck 3. Deck 2 ran the entire length of the ship so we could walk fore and aft with no problem. Deck 5 and Deck 9 were the same. Not sure about the others, though I know you could not go end to end on 3 or 4.

One thing I didn't mention is that the buffet on the Lido deck is always crowded at breakfast and lunch. The lines were long, though not too bad when in port cause everyone went ashore early. After the second day we started eating b'fast and lunch in the dinning room and it was very pleasant. We got seated and served right away.

If you eat dinner in the Paris Dining room, say hi to Bobby and Rhoderick for us. They were our waiters.