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Originally posted by kflynn04:
We just got back from the Emerald two days ago

We had great success in the dining room. We chose fixed seating and had wonderful wait staff who got to know us. I wonder if some of the less successful meals came from the open seating, the staff don't have the same incentive?
When you say less successful, are you referring to food quality or service.
Our cruise was traditional seating & we had a so-so waiter. He didn't let us know about specials that other waiters along side our table did. I can accept the fact that some cook ruined a few meals but a good waiter #1 shouldn't serve it & #2 just don't drop a burnt meal on the table & say "enjoy" and never bothered to ask why I didn't eat it.

This wouldn't have occurred more than once if we had chosen any time dining since we would have a different waiter each evening.
Traditional waiters probably do better in additional tips since they have the same people each evening & why would anyone bother to tip additional into the big pot when changing waiters each evening unless you were totally enthused about the whole cruise.