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I forgot to mention in the reply yesterday, about a place near and dear to me. It is the Miami-Dade Fruit and Spice Park. Visiting the park allot when I was younger is what got me interested in growing different kinds of fruit trees and such. It is a giant 32 acre botanical paradise. And if you are into growing such tropical fruit trees and other forms of gardening, you will be like a child in Disney World if you ever go to this place. They have 100s of mango trees, the largest collection of bananas, the largest collection of bamboo, areas of the park divided by tropical regions of the world; it is all amazing. It is located in Homestead, FL not too far from Coral Castle. It is at the intersection of Southwest 248th ST and 187th AVE. The admission still is probably not much. And now they have guided tours onboard an electric tram. Anyway, here is the link to the Fruit And Spice Park website: Fruit And Spice Park