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Tickets to the Anne Frank House may be purchased in advance on the museum's Web site, located here. You select the day and time, print out the tickets, and you bypass the lines outside. That's what we did for our 2007 visit.

I agree with Hank in that the best way to see Amsterdam, in a limited time, is by public transport. Most streetcars lead to Centraal Station, so it's easy to find one's way around. Look here for information on the GVB transit system, including maps and pricing. We purchased an all-day pass and saw quite a bit. I am a public transit nut, and enjoy riding systems wherever I go, and I'd put Amsterdam's near the top of the list.

The second best way, if you are able, is by foot. There are plenty of maps and walking tours online or in book stores. We purchased a tour book that had a variety of walking tours of various neighborhood and selected a few favorites.

If time permits, a ride on a canal boat is nice. We enjoyed it so much we did it two times -- once during the day, and once at night. (You won't have the latter option, unfortunately.) Some companies do an entire loop non-stop while others will allow you to get on and off.

As others have said, the people are extremely nice and friendly to tourists. My only caution is to adhere to the rule that bike riders have the right of way...look first before stepping into a bike lane to cross the street.
Happy cruising!