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Hello everybody,

here's a question for you: Which is the world's largest passenger ship?

It's not "Queen Mary 2" any longer. "Freedom of the Seas" or "Liberty of the Seas" you think?

Well, those two are the world's largest cruise ships, yes. However, the world's largest ship offering accomodations for passengers is (at least according to my investigations) the "Paradise N", which by the way is sailing under the German flag with Rostock being her homeport.

Here are some facts:

Length: 332 meters / 1,089 ft.
Breadth: 58 meters / 190 ft.
Draught: 23 meters / 75 ft. (!)
Tonnage: 155,051 gt (making here slightly larger than the world's largest cruise ships)
Shipyard: Daewoo Heavy Industries, South Korea
Year of Construction: 1997
Type of Ship: Ore carrier

Seems to me like the ideal ships for people afraid of getting sea-sick, doesn't it.

The picture was made by fellow members, former moderator and current Third Officer of the German cruise ship "AIDAaura", Stephan Giesen.
Best regards,

Raoul Fiebig