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Hello Paul,

Glad you enjoyed the photos of the Crown. She really is a beauty. Larger than I usually like to cruise with 3150 pax onboard.

Let me try to answer some of your questions.
I am not a travel agent. Just someone who loves to cruise. I have cruised only with Princess sinec 1996 & LOVE Princess Cruises.
Over the years I have made some great friends with crew & often go to visit them.

I was invited to the Crown Princess to attend a VIP Captain's Circle Luncheon. We got to spend 4 hours onboard. Let me tell you it was a wonderful 4 hrs. and VERY tough to leave indeed.
There is a very good chance I will book the Crown before they leave NYC this fall.

While onboard we were allowed to explore on our own. We saw many cabins. Sorry I did not take photos of the other cabins. I am so used to them did not think of taking photos really.
Have never had a suite yet. I usually cruise alone, and it would be a small fortune to book a suite. Balcony cabins are great. I always say for certain cruises a balcony is a must. But, again, if I can book 2 cruises with inside cabins for the price of one balcony I'll take the opportunity to cruise more.

On the Crown there are many dining options.
I always would go for traditional late seating. But lately have done more of the Anytime Dining option. This allows me the flexibility to spend time with my crew friends.

One of my favorite spots on the Crown is the new Sanctuary. WOW. I do look forward to trying this out.
I also liked their Sabatinis.

Hope I have replied to your questions. Let me know if I can be of any more help.

When are you going on the Crown???


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