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To continue the discussion, you are right, a few years ago RCI allowed you to buy at duty free on the ship and for $9.50 per bottle you could carry it to your room. That was a great deal because Abslout Vodka which is $27 per litre where I live, was only $8.00 per litre on the ship. So with the added $9.50 it was still cheap. However they rescinded the rule. Last year RCI had a kid go over the side and drown. When they checked his cruise card they found a small amount of alcohol purchases. However he brought his own and that was so drunk he went over. They really cracked down. However we did RCI in Feb. and I got a liter of Vodka and a liter of Bourbon on in my checked luggage. My friend got caught but I think either it was a random x-ray or it's because he had 3 bottles and simply left them in the original bottle. But no worries, they were very nice and gave him his alcohol back later. At one port stop he bought 3 bottles. Two at one shop and one at another. He put them through the x-ray, went over and checked the one bottle and simply kept the others in a separate bag and took them to his room. So it's still can be done, but in light of the numbers falling off ships lately there is a good chance they will begin to really crack down.