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I also give a lot of credit to NCL regarding their disembarkation procedure. We did, however, have a flashback to the "old" NCL when we were on our cruise-to-nowhere on N. Dream six months ago. The crew was very new, and we were asked to not wait in our cabins. I guess they needed more time to prepare them for the next guests. But on my other NCL cruises, disembarkation day was relaxing. We never do the express disembarkation, and on our previous three NCL cruise (on N. Majesty out of Boston), we lingered over breakfast. On one of those cruises, we didn't take our son, and I called my mother-in-law during breakfast to ask how everything was... so we even had an enjoyable conversation thrown into the mix. I much prefer ending a cruise that way than having to rush or to be herded down the gangway.
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