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I've tried looking this up on a search but can't seem to find the information I'm looking for.This question is for anyone who can answer but I'm also interested in what anyone from the UK who has cruised Alaska has to say.

As I'm from the UK...what happens when I do a Vancouver to Vancouver cruise, regarding entry to the USA via an Alaskan port. When I arrive in Vancouver I will be in Canada and getting on board the cruise ship will still be Canada.

So for us UK citizens normally when we enter the United States we have a green visa waiver form to fill in & pass through customs & immigration and get a stamp on our passports.

Does this happen at the first Alaskan port we get to ? Does the cruise line have to hold UK passports for the immigration process.
Then just before we dock back at Vancouver at the end of the do we exit the USA ?
Normally when we leave the USA, immigration take back the green bit of the visa waiver they have clipped on our passport (to prove we have left the USA )

I'm a little confused about the procedures...can anyone help ?