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Has anyone received their compensation from Princess for the above sailing? We had the misfortune of flying to England, standing outside for over 2 hours in miserable weather, registering, unpacking etc. and then finally being told the
cruise was cancelled due to mechanical issues.

We finally heard from Princess---they don't wish to pay for a taxi that took us to the airport(I had a receipt), for food eaten while waiting in Gatwick for our transfer to the ship (this was supposedly pre cruise and not covered in their compensation package). The Princess rep told us to have something and that Princess would reimburse us.

I had a talk with one of their customer care people and was told that the 25% discount of the fare we purchased could be used toward another cruise. They fail to understand that each case should be judged on its own merits. How can one compare people who flew from North America to those who came by bus or car to the ship in Southampton (people from the U.K. were in the majority).

A cruise on The Regal Princess was cancelled and Princess gave 35% toward another cruise. Also, 1 1/2 cruises on the Millenium (Celebrity) have just been cancelled and they have been given either 1 free cruise or 50% towards another cruise, plus, reimbursement for their original cruise and their airfare.

Yes, we have been refunded our cruise money and still are awaiting a cheque for our airfare.

Any comments or suggestions would be most welcome