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Welcome to Cruise-Chat stryder. In San Juan a tour of Old San Juan is very interesting, there are beaches near by as well. St. Thomas, for the best beach/snorkeling, take a ferry to St. John and a cab to Trunk Bay. There are lots of posts on Trunk Bay, many by me, but it is one of the top 10 beaches of the world. Or take a catamara sail/snorkel, great snorkeling there. Or if you'd rather tour the island, there is great shopping and some nice beaches as well, Magan's Bay or Coki Beach are really nice. Sapphire Beach is pretty, but if the wind is blowing, it kicks the surf up and the snorkeling isn't enjoyable. Nassau, go to Paradise Island and the Atlantis, there is a free beach next to the Atlantis as well. Best wishes and have a wonderful cruise!