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hi soulcruise-

i went on a royal caribbean cruise to the caribbean back in 2005 around the same time and I will say there was a lot of families and teenagers on the cruise. Also I am not sure where you are from but I like in Chicago and the aiport over here was a nightmare people were everywhere and you couldn't tell where the lines were. I had a wonderful time and even if there are a lot of kids on the ship you can still find things to do just you and your wife or certian things that are just geared towards the adult crowd. But do expect longer lines in the buffer (Windjammer) and crowded pool areas. That cruise was the last one I took in March and I will never attempt that again as by the time I arrived in Miami I was very stressed out but that could be because I had to make 2 connections. The cruise will be what you make of it so if that is a good time to cruise for you and your wife make the best of it and I am sure you will have a wonderful time!

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