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Trust me, it really isn't worth the hassle to be a group coordinator!
I would have to agree with this somewhat. I really wanted to try cruising and didn't have anyone to go with me (I'm not that lame, just circumstances right now) and so lo n' behold I got a flyer together, made a gazillion calls for prices, got a bunch of people at work together....and I am now the group leader for 30 people going in September...and it is ALOT of work! I am NOT getting my room free, however...I have passed that savings on toward our motorcoach fees to make it cheaper on everyone else. Overall, our cruise price was quite a bit cheaper than if I was going with just one person but we are adding a motorcoach to get there and back so when you add in our motorcoach fees our total price is just the going rate for an average 4-night cruise.

I would do it again though, already...just because I KNOW we are going to have a BLAST! And now I have some"one" to cruise with!! ...Some"many" actually!