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I have only been on one Carnival ship and that is the Conquest. We are leaving on the Elation on Sat the 25th. I did not see any hand sanitizers on the Conquest but last year on the Wind they were everywhere. Many employees were there to give you a squirt. If there were no employees there would be stations. I watched several walk right by it. These are the people causing the problems. If it's there USE IT! For yourself and everyone on the ship.

I bring a can of Lysol with me and spray everything in the cabin from the door knobs to the shower floor. Anything I may come in contact with I spray and spray and spray. I also spray the sheets and any bedspreads. Do you know that hotels and I assume ships do not change bedspreads and blankets after each guest? You would be surprised how little they change these items. The first thing I do is pull the bedspread down to the bottom. People SIT on these. I cannot spray the whole ship but spraying my room gives me a little peace of mind. Always carry hand sanitizer in your purse or pocket. Do you know how many germs are on casino chips?

Buffet tongs are touched by how many people? When they fall into the dish there are germs now conatminating the food. I do not like buffets for this reason. I was at a buffet once and the sign said children under 10 must be assisted by parents. I watched 2 children come out of the bathroom (did they wash their hands?) and grab a handful of M & Ms out of the dessert station. They did not use the provided spoon. I told an employee but doubt that they changed the bowl.