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Originally posted by f-mattox:
quote: . . ."at least 75% of the passengers were over 65."

Why IBCRUSIN', you say that almost like it's a bad thing. Being 64, I felt right at home.

(I'd put a little smiley face here, if I knew how)
Hahahaha! Not at all.

In fact, I expected this b/c I had previously visited Hawaii a few times and noticed that many of Hawaii's tourist were a bit older than you see at other tourist destinations. I believe that is because Hawaii is more expensive to visit and so many people view Hawaii as their "dream" vacation and tend to put off visiting the islands until later in life when everything else is done (children, homes, careers).

To be honest, I used the number 65 to be modest. I really thing most of the passengers were quite a bit older than that. Many walkers, canes, and wheelchairs.

Unfortunately, a lot of people find out that so much of visting Hawaii involves dealing with rough terrain that some of what they waited all those years to see can only be viewed from the window of the tourist bus.
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