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As for dressing-up: If you are not into doing it(especially during the formal evening), go up to the Windjammer Buffet (usually up on the pool deck or one of the higher decks).

When I was on my cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's [I]Sovereign of the Seas{/I], I wore nice long sleeve shirts during the regular nights with khaki trousers. On the formal night I wore my black suit and tie. I looked just like almost all the other men in the dinning room. I only noticed 3 men wearing a tux on formal night (at least on my side of the dinning room). I don't know how different Freedom will be from Sovereign, but probably not much. I know one difference is that Freedom also has real fancy alternative restaurants (in addition to the dinning rooms and Windjammer Buffet). Those real fancy alternative restaurants may also have a stricter dress code, in addition to requiring advance reservations. I don't know for sure; I never have been on the Freedom.

One thing I do know, is that if you are going to eat in the dinning room or fancy alternative restaurant, show-up on time. They run on tight schedules and really hate it when passengers show-up late.

With regard to eating. When you go on a cruise, you will have all the food you want; all the time. So try not to over-eat. I heard people gain an average of 5 lbs on their cruise.

One thing you shouldn't miss is the "Midnight Buffet"
A.k.a.: "Midnight Chocolate Lovers Buffet"
A.k.a.: "Midnight Dessert Buffet"
A.k.a.: "Midnight Buffet Gala"
That will be one place you should definetly control your eating, but it will be hard to do! Make sure you bring your camera to capture the beautiful sculputers made of ice, sugar, watermelon, and chocolate; and let's not forget: the beautifully presented desserts and food.

I wish I could take a cruise onboard the Freedom. You and your wife are lucky to do so. The Freedom is the biggest cruise ship in the world. It is more than 3 times the size that the Titanic was (by gross tonnage). I heard that it is such an expierience, that the island destinations are secondary; you could always stay onboard and have a great time.