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Originally posted by LisaP:
Ron, I thought that Terraces was two levels (with that great staircase) and that Sun Terraces on Deck 11 was turned into La Trattoria. Back in the "old" days, pax were assigned to a dining room. We chose Terraces on N. Dream/Dreamward, and Sun Terraces on Wind/Windward -- and I agree that the two-level restuarant was nicer. Of course, this doesn't matter today with Freestyle Dining.

Another tip for N. Dream pax -- the obstructed view staterooms on Norway Deck (deck 9) are a great bargain. Roomy, and light still pours in between the lifeboats.
Both the Sun Terraces and Terraces are stepped restaurants, of two levels. But Terraces windows are vertical, one level in height, and Sun Terraces windows are vertical & slanted, two levels high.

Here's a photo of the Sun Terraces(La Trattoria): Sun Terraces - La Trattoria

Here's a photo of Terraces: Terraces

Here's a photo of Four Seasons: Four Seasons

And here's a photo of the aft end of the Dream

From the photos, the middle restaurant, the Sun Terraces, has two level high windows.

Edit: Copyrighted photos replaced with links.