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Since it is "Free-Style" dining, is there still a "lido" type deck with food buffets?
There's a buffet, but nothing of the scale found on newer ships. It's pretty much one line on each side of the forward part of the deck, although we found a fairly good selection. One thing that's lacking is seating. If you can't find a seat in the area forward of the buffet lines, go down one deck to the Observatory Lounge. Most pax don't discover this until a couple of days into the cruise.

There are also themed stations scattered elsewhere on the deck, such as BBQ, Indian, etc., for lunch. These should be listed in the daily newsletter. And, as scchasgal noted, there is a pizza/hot dog/burger station located aft. So, you may have to do some walking for buffet food, but she's not a very large ship.

Enjoy your cruise on my favorite ship!
Happy cruising!