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I was lurking around the internet last week and noticed a Dawn Princess itinerary that was 7 days. It is about the same price for all of us for a balcony on the Dawn for 7 days as the penthouse on Carnival Elation for the 5 day cruise. With the understanding that we don't know if our kids will get bored on a cruise, which would be better? My concern is that the Princess cabin is something like 195 sq ft and the penthouse is 300 something sq ft. We do spend a fair amount of time in our room. I believe the Elation is Cabo and Ensenada and the Dawn is...missing. It was on my desk, but I don't see it now. I believe PV, Cabo and something else, but I don't remember what. Sorry. They are both around the same time of year. I realize this is a totally subjective question, but most of you are WAY more experienced and can give me some insight into what we might enjoy more. Thanks!