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Disembarkation is the worst. The entire aura of the ship changes.

It starts with the dreaded disembarkation paper in your cabin. Disembarkation in big, bold letters as the header. Followed by, the evil Disembarkation Informational Meeting, both in person and via your cabin television. Playing over and over and over again.

I find dressing for dinner that last evening is always fun. Not! On the last evening your luggage has to be out in the hallway for pick up so that the crew can... "as fast as possible", get your belongings to another building far away from the ship. They want to make absolutely sure that you know you're leaving the next day.

The smiles fade and the "shovel your last breakfast in quick" takes over. The crew doesn't even look in your direction. They're too busy getting everything shined and painted for the next group of passengers.

Booking your next cruise, as others have stated, helps ease the Disembarkation Depression Blues.