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Types Of Ships, New Verse Added


I have added a new verse, this about about "Phantom Ships."

Sailing Ships

We are the slaves of the wind and the waves
And the playthings of ocean and storm.
We're adrift in the sea, and there's nothing to see
As around us the tempest takes form.
But we are of good cheer, and there's nothing to fear
As we slice through the sea like a sword.
We fear never a wreck. for on every deck
Is the almighty hand of the Lord.

Clipper Ships

We glide into sight like a ghost in the night
Throught the fog and the mist and the sea,
We face ocean's brawn with the grace of a swan
With a motion all boyant and free.
We blaze ocean trails with the wind in our sails
And a song on the lips of the crew,
And we're always at home as we glide through the foam
To the faraway rim of the blue.

Cruise Ships

We're the queens of the sea as we cruise wild and free,
And our many decks gleam in the sun,
And our passengers sleep as we glide o'er the deep
To arise for a full day of fun.
And, then, clad in their shorts, they debark at the ports
Where exotic scenes brighten the eye,"
And they come back to dine on great food and fine wine
And then dance till the dawn wakes the sky.

Pirate Ships

We slink through the bay as we're looking for prey
For a Spanish ship leaving the port.
We face any a fate just for pieces of eight
As we challenge the guns of the fort,
But, take her we will, and we'll feel the thrill
As we dance with peglegs on her deck.
Then we'll swiftly set sail and look cross the rail
At just one more colonial wreck.

Phanton Ship (new)

I creak in the gloom as I rise from my tomb,
I'm the phantom that all seamen fear.
I'm a derelict wreck, and on every deck
The bones of dead sailers appear.
My decks are all rotten, my name long forgotten,
I'm the ghost that appears in the night,
So for all those who fear me, do not steer your ship near me
As a sail through the mist out of sight.
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