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Originally posted by ChucksOK:
how do you judge when a person is trying to claim/save a chair and when they are really just in the pool/spa or using the bathroom? I'd hate to take someone's chair because I thought it was only "being saved" and have them walk up to me a couple of minutes later and confront me for taking their seat. Do you stand around and watch for a while? How long it considered long enough?
Excellent point - so here is one solution. I'm sure you've all seen the little flags attached to chairs that signal you are ready to order another libation. How about a timer type of device good for X minutes activated by weight (lets arbitrarily say 80 lbs). When one gets off the chair, the timer would start the countdown. When the time was up, the window in the timer would show "UNOCCUPIED" and the chair (and it's contents) would be up for grabs.

Thats is a really wonderful idea, I bet if you invented something like that you'd be rich. Not only would that work on a cruise but also in public pulls, at disney world water parks, any water parks for that matter.

Good thinker.