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A true story, which shows the spirit of a happy ship:

It was a windy and rainy evening we had left Nassau. Just after departure we learned that a nanny and a child was left at the pier in Nassau, while the parents were onboard. Normally this is of course the passengers responsibility to be back onboard on time, but anyone with a heart could easily imagine the mother's feelings being separated from her infant.

So - first we tried to get some assistanse from the pilot boat, but the swells were too rough and we could not take the chance of handing over the child from the pilot boat to the ship.

Fortunately we were not in a hurry as the next port of call was GSC, just a good stone throw away

Our excellent captain called for a quick meeting on the bridge and we decided to give lee to lower one of our tenders to go back to the pier and pick up the Nanny and the child. With the permission from the port authority one tender with the appropriate crew headed for the breakwater and the pier as the ship manouvered safely outside waiting. The tender came back and were hoisted onboard carrying one happy nanny and the even happier mother and father were waiting on the deck. The following reunion scenes were very touching to anyone and would have made a perfect picture if it wasn't for the nasty odour of wommit comming from the tender and the motorman knocked out from seasickness

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