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I think most of those people that put in their complaints are just looking to get something for nothing. This happens in every day life with a lot of people. I know a woman who goes to all the sites to complain about products she has bought and by the way used. Then complains about the product and gets hoards of coupons for free things in the mail. Wow to be that bored with life must be a chore. Most of the complainers about the cruises dont know how lucky they are to be able to cruise and enjoy a vacation. Sometimes there are ligitamate complaints and we can all understand that. Most are unfortunate but surely not done on purpose. I believe that if the complaints are deserving that the cruise staff would do all they can to make your cruise enjoyable. I for one could not find enough wrong with a cruise to be so rude as some of these people have been. I won a cruise in 1999. Gosh how lucky was i to do that and go for free. All expenses paid. Mind you we didnt get the suite we were told we had won but we did get a cabin with a window and we enjoyed it. A suite would have been nicer but hey it was free so i just let it go. I had a great time and a wonderful vacation. Baring hurrican mitch that is ha ha ha. But still enjoyable. Of course there will be glitches on any vacation but never enough to make it as bad as some say. My favorite complaint was the guy who told his wife to shut up toooo funny. Getting an award for complaining im sure his cruise was not as good after that comment but koodos to him. Life is too short to complain all the time like some love to do. Maybe they should go get a life and realize that being able to vacation is not available to everyone and they should consider themselves priviledged to be able to. Taking care of 3000 on a ship is a taxing job im sure. So instead of complaining maybe a metal should be given to those poor employees who put up with it. Just my opinion. Looking forward to my 15 days on Diamond to hawaii complaints and all. HA HA

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