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I have been searching through brochures for every cruise line that covers Alaska for several weeks and have now decided to book Holland America. Hopefully we've made the right decision. We're in our late 30's - have heard that we may be classed as quite young for this cruise line, however, the intinery for Alaska won us over as well as good reviews for the ship etc.

We just need to wait for the 2008 dates to be released and I'll be first in line to book. We're hopefully going to go with a room with a verandah (balcony here in the UK) but ideally we would love a suite. Are they worth the extra cash? Also, what is the difference between a deluxe verandah room and a standard one?

The silly little brochure we get here in the UK doesn't really give much information as to the different cabins and the additional extra perks that are on offer.

Thanks if you manage to respond!