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Originally posted by Michael Payne:
Thanks to whoever posted that video. That seems decent for a single cruiser, and as I found out on my last cruise, I was hardly ever in my stateroom except to sleep, shower, or change, since there's so much to do.
Your welcome. When I first booked my cabin, I searched high and low for more photos/video of what it would look like. I had stayed in a regular inside cabin before on Fantasy, but I wanted to see what a 1A offered. The photos that Carnival has of them, did not look very appealing, but the video showed otherwise.

I will take my own video of the cabin, and I can assure you, I will talk way less then the lady in the video that I posted. I know that there has to be others out there, that want to know what these cabins are really like and I love to take photos so I will come back with some good ones to share. I sail Feb 7th out of Galveston on the Estascy.
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