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There are some posts from Scott Taylor in this section, they went to Pineapple Beach when they were in Antigua and had a great time. We went snorkeling on a catamaran. It might have been the time of the year (late October or early November-we sailed on October 26, so not sure what day we were in Antigua) and had too many jelly fish for the snorkel to be enjoyable. The water was very clear, but there were hundreds if not thousands of jelly fish. They then took us to a beach to swim, which was very nice. My hubby had way too many rum punches to remember much of Antigua. I did a little shopping right at the port and the prices were reasonable. St. Lucia is one of my favorite islands, we've snorkeled there every visit and it's been really nice. The last time we were there, we took a cab to Pigeon Island, it was really nice. The excursion through the ship would have been less, but they only got to stay 1 1/2 hours, we stayed about 4. There are remains of the fort and military houses there, a museum, a beautiful area for viewing the bay and surrounding ocean, 3 or 4 beaches, and a restaurant/bar. The snorkeling wasn't that great, but the swimming sure was. Hope this helps a little. Best wishes and have a wonderful cruise!