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Sonny is absolutely correct about the pool attendents.

Coincidently...the Today Show on NBC this morning had an entire segment on people who dump their towels and stuff on chairs early in the morning and then take off to eat breakfast, workout, etc. Obviously, with all due respect to nc liz, the segment was entitled, ahem, uh, “Are You a Chair Hog”.

The jist of the video was that some people are bacon in the sun without a chair because of early morning chair reservations. Butt, due to squeals of protests, pool attendants are watching chairs and removing towels if the people don’t show up in 30 minutes. Of course the people whose towels were removed don’t cotton to this new policy, and offer all sorts of excuses, such as…”I was just tossing the old pigskin around with my boy for a few minutes in the pool” or “ I was hungry and went to get an order of Pigs in a Blanket”, or even, “this new policy is a bunch of Tripe”.

While the pool attendants are taking a lot of Ribbing over their new duties, they try to use humor to calm the displaced people, but, they admit, it is no Picnic Hamming it up to avoid a scene. In one situation a displaced person demanded to have his book, towel and Razorback…but he got no sympathy from the crowd who felt you reap what you Sow.

To learn more, visit and click on “Are you a Chair Hog” in the “Today Show Videos” section.

Note: NCL takes no responsiblity for the above posting.

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