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We really enjoyed Prince Rupert. It's not commercial at all. I would definitely recommend an excursion. We booked the marine life discovery excursion. We spent the morning walking around the Cow Bay area (Cowpaccino's has good coffee!) and saw two bald eagles right across the street from the coffee shop. We had lunch at Smiley's (very good) and then we went back to the boat for our excursion. What I really liked the most about it is that it was run by the Metakatla First Nations people and they were very knowledgeable about the area. They took us out to see the orcas, and it was amazing when the first one surfaced by the boat! This was our favorite excursion of the cruise. We followed a pod of orcas for about an hour and I was able to get some amazing pictures. I also enjoyed talking to Monica and Maxine, our guides, about life in Prince Rupert. I did hear people complain back on the ship about the lack of shopping in this port, but I found it very refreshing not to see a Diamonds International, Tanzanite, Del Sol, etc. there. All the stores were local stores with local items! I loved it!