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Having sailed twice from New York on NCL (Dawn 03/04 - Spirit 09/06) I was amazed at how easy the debark process was there! The second cruise especially, we were in a cab and at Penn Station before we knew what hit us. We never felt rushed though and took our time with breakfast.

What impressed me most is the on board staff's ability to size up their passengers. On the 04 cruise we were in a rush to get off and get back home (sad as that sounds) and a woman walked by, noticed our "hovering" and walked us down a deck and out at the dock level door. That was great especially since Paul was still in a knee brace from surgery at that time and the angle of the bridge from the upper decks was murder on his knee. We can't say enough good about NCL and we're really looking forward to Feb's cruise on Pearl...CAN'T WAIT to bowl on the high seas! We're also looking forward to sailing from Miami - it is such a beautiful port to sail out of!

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