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Thanks for the kind words. For those that cruise in the Med a lot (I guess we are part of that crowd) Barcelona is a love/hate place. After our first five visits (and we used to spend a few days on every visit) my wife got totally tired of the town and now begs for alternatives (Sitges is a nice sea resort down the coast). The thing about Barcelona is it is probably one of the best cruise ports in Europe because its so tourist friendly, has a good airport, and the cruise pier is within a mile of downtown (its actually a pretty nice walk across the bridge). My only caution is that if you do walk around town, take careful precautions to protect yourselves from pickpockets and purse snatchers. This is a popular city for gypsies and they are very good at their craft (you will not get hurt or feel anything other than loss of pride and valuables). This caution does apply to any popular tourist place in Europe, but Barcelona has more than its share including in the modern airport (never leave your luggage for even one second).