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Originally posted by penny3333:
Hi sjn, Welcome aboard. Sorry to hear about your luggage. Hopefully, you'll have the luck we did. I forgot one of our bags (ok, I'm getting old) in Port Everglades. I called the cruise line that evening as well as the port. They had found it and returned it to me within 3 days. On the paperwork they gave you, the day you disembarked, there should have been a phone number for you to call. It was also on our travel documents, back when they sent real ticket packets. I do hope you called the port. It really helped and I guess we were lucky. Hang in there and make sure they can get in touch with you.
HUM, Our ship was held at sea once thrying to get to home Port. The reason, we heard later, was someone had left a suitcase in the terminal and they were treating it as a bomb. Could that have been you? haha