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On my 1st cruise I gained 8 lbs in 7 days
I managed to only gain 2lbs on our 11 day Hawaiian cruise and nothing on our 5 day cruise. I am learning. We bought little pedomoters at WalMart and attach to our clothes everyday to keep track of our walking. On days at shore we would walk as much as 10 miles. On sea days we averaged 4-5 miles. We do not take elevators. We "walk". We are on the Riviera deck most of the time so we have alot of stairs up and down. Every cruise I say I am going to enjoy the fitness center and every cruise I make it there once and that is it. It is always busy in the morning and I have too many other things I want to do during the day. At night it is usually utilized by a lot of staff. I wish it was open 24hrs or at least very late. I enjoy a workout and then shower before bed.

I am also learning to eat differently on a ship. They say you should eat 6 small meals and where better than on a ship. If you cannot avoid temptation then order room service for breakfast. Coffee, juice and a piece of toast. Then later enjoy a small salad and soup if available. Around 3 order a sandwich and share it with your spouse.

I have to say dinner is my downfall. I LOVE bread and they serve some of the best. I have to have an appetizer. At home I rarely order one as they are pricey and then I never finish my meal. My husband had never had Escargot and would not pay the high price to try it so on our first cruise he ordered it and loved it. Now every cruise he orders it. Free or not...I'll pass! I usually do not finish my dinner so I have room for dessert.

It does not help when Carnival offeres FREE ice cream 24 hrs a day. On Conquest they offered Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt. The yogert is better for you and fewer calories. I am dieting now to get ready for our next cruise in Nov.