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My family and I will be doing a Western Mediterranean cruise this June. Ports include:

1) Villefranche (Monaco/Nice)
2) Livorno (Florence/Pisa)
3) Citavecchia (Rome)
4) Naples
5) Palermo (Sicily)

It's our first cruise ever. We don't necessarily have to see all the sights but definitely want to not worry about the limited time we have at each port.

We're thinking of doing Villefranche, Livorno and Palermo on our own - public transportation and all. Any thoughts as to whether this is do-able? The key sites to check out?

For Citavecchia, our cruise offers a "Rome On Your Own" excursion whereby we're dropped off in the city for the day to venture off ourselves. Given none of us has ever been to Rome, does anyone think seeing all the major sights while still being able to check out some of the shops and cafes is do-able? On the other hand, we can hire a private guide. Would this be better?

As for Naples, the excursions offered by our cruiseline don't really meet our needs. We'd like very much to see the Amalfi coast, Positano and Pompeii. Would we be able to get to those sites on our own? Or would we be better off with a private guide?

Would appreciate as much info as anyone can share.