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We have a northbound cruise on Carnival booked in August. We are buying our excursions, and can purchase online for every port where it says "add excursions."

For Whittier, instead of saying "add" it says "view excursions" and we cannot book anything or see prices.

Basically, all i'm trying to do is find out how to get from the pier in Whittier, to the airport at Anchorage.

I am looking for ways to get there...if it's a shuttle or bus, what time it leaves Whittier and gets to Anchorage, and how much this costs.

We don't want to book our airfare until we find out when we can get to the airport at Anchorage.

You wouldn't believe how much trouble i've had calling Carnival about this. I've made three separate calls and nobody can help me out. One person said it's $18 per person, another person said it's $75 per person. Nobody could tell me any times involved, except that i should "not book a flight before 11 am."

I would appreciate any suggestions on how to get from Whittier to Anchorage, even if it involves reserving something outside of Carnival.

Thank you!