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Welcome back Boneman!

So sorry to hear you encountered these problems. Yes, they do have change overs with new crew. I spent some time on the Fascination straightening out several of them last year. It was the same type of issues. I was hassled about cashing a Traveler's Check in the casino. That was the last straw for me and I set the young lady straight about what the policy is and asked for the manager. I rarely do something like that, but I am not going to be told something I know is wrong and treated rudely on Carnival especially in the Casino!

The room service was below what was expected as well. I have never stiffed anyone in my life, but came very close. They had 8 pursers at the GSR desk. Two of them knew what they were doing. They finally said that yes, they were training new crew. It is my opinion that the new crew need some anti-rudeness training before they go to the front line of guest services.

Now, that has been an exception to what the normal experience has always been. Thankfully I cruised on the Elation back when it had the best crew ever. Fortunately some of them have moved to the Fantasy. The best thing to do is to reply to the email guest comment/survey about these issues. That way they can address them.

I truly hate this happened and know how it feels.