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Hello everyone! We will be heading on our first cruise in 23 days!!! Our first stop will be Roatan. At first we considered just staying on the ship, but I've been reading so much about how beautiful the island is and the beaches. So here's my question: As a family, if we decided to get off the ship and do Roatan on our own, what beach would you recommend. I've got a 6 yr. old and a 14 yr. old, the snorkel excursions are out of the question for the little one. So what would be a great beach. I really don't want to pay over $200 for the Tabayana Beach Break. There's got to be a less expensive way to do this! Any ideas would be appreciated. We're not too brave as far as venturing out on our own with this being our first cruise and our first time out of the States. But if it is pretty simple, I think we'd be up for it! LOL Thanks for your ideas! Also, where will the RCCL dock at in Roatan?