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I would never do anything on our own in Belize. In Roatan, we were there last month, the taxi services doesn t rent the taxis like they do in America, you rent the taxi for the day. This is what I would recommend you to do. We had the taxi for the whole day for 50 dollars for 2 people. they charge more for more people, dont know why but they just do. but it was the best deal for the money.
We wanted to go by and drop off some school supplies and over the counter medicine that we had brought with us to donate. We had the taxi take us to drop the supplies off then asked the driver to drive around and show us his island. and it was a wonderful tour....absolutely wonderful. We finally ended up at the beautiful beach where we spent a couple of hours and the taxi driver was right with us the whole time. Best time for our money.
they said 75 dollars for the whole day, i said no 50 they said always neg the price. but remember you have them for the whole day...we also tipped our driver very well..and we took our driver a couple t shirts and bb caps. when we got us a soft drink we bought him one too. also when we got something to eat we got him something is cheaper then the ship to do it this way and was absolutely safe. We are 2 women and and no time did we feel uncomfortable.
best way to do Roatan in my opinion. A beautiful island but very poor, but getting better with the tourist dollars coming in.
Enjoy your cruise.