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Neil, no offense taken. I just want to make sure I pick the one that I will enjoy the most and I think after reading about holland's disabled accesible information and they have beach wheelchairs that can go through the sand so I wouldn't miss out on getting to go to events on the beaches and on the ms zaandam theres buttons to push to get doors to open and Dave I also think it is great that HAL puts them through school first and it sounds like they are extremely in touch with there passengers and it is in a way a plus having less people so you get served better. They don't have a booking as of yet for 2010 but she said they will so I think I have swayed my decision to HAL, well 98% sure anyways, lol. I am pretty sure I am going to go with Hal, so if I talk more about HAL I will post it under that category so I am not posting in the wrong area. I was rather dissapointed when I called princess today and the girl who was extending my due date by two days I was asking about airfare and hotel to be included and asking some other questions and she wasn't very friendly and that gave me a sour taste when I am almost ready to book with them and that happened but the other people who have helped me on the phone have been very nice. Thank you all for your help and chatting with me again today. Shana