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Thank you all. Very good points that was why I was asking. I will make it work no matter what.
Our first cruise here was with a group and we merely picked a cabin and paid, as we had little to do with the actual trip. Nothing wrong with that because our trip was 110% great! But it took us outside and not down the 'classic' inside. Again no gripes.
However, as I studied the history of the old inside passage I have a desire to cruise it and for me I'd like to treat it like the Panama Canal. We are even thinking of the ferries. I am more into the trip, the mechanics as it were, than shore excursions. And I know I am a slim minority on this.
I too am up early, sitting on our balcony with a cup of Joe thinking back in time 40 years ago, then a USMC guest of the US Navy. The shore excursions of those days we very exciting to say the least. But I digress.
Thanks again for the insight. It makes good sense and I am sure we will be plopping some money down on the next trip here soon. Any trip is better than the one I am here at work!