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On all my previous cruises:
-RCCL's Sovereign/Seas
-Carnival Inspiration
-Carnival Glory and
-Carnival Triumph
There was a self-service laundry mat onboard. So, I was expecting the same with the Norwegian Pearl and was dissapointed to find there wasn't one.

If you don't mind spending the extra money for full-service laundry, it's pretty good (it will free-up more time you could use enjoying your cruise). However, for me, I feel I should be the only one who washes my underwear. I would have felt too uncomfortable otherwise. So I washed them in the sink in my bathroom onboard the Pearl. The other articles of clothing I gave to my cabin steward for full-service laundry.

If that is the typical price for Internet use on cruises, than Internet use is overpriced onboard cruises. They should charge less considering how common the Internet is. Maybe then more people will use the Internet during the cruise and they will make more money that way.

I guess I did not have a problem with the tip line on the receipts (which you say are also there on the RCCL receipts). But to me they contributed to this feeling that I was being "nickeled and dimed" and charged for every little thing everywhere on the ship. And just like you, I did not contribute (write) anything on that line. Instead I just gave the waiter/waitress a few extra dollar bills as a tip.