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Originally posted by Alblancher:
They removed the last of the barge from the river this am. I have to believe that we will be boarding in New Orleans on our October 9 cruise. Sure hope so because I have family flying in and driving in from Tennesse that morning to catch the cruise.

See you on board LHP

Hey Al (which is one of my favorite names since it also belongs to my brother!!)

I am sure that in a month (plus) everything will be back to normal...(whatever that is...after all we are talking New Orleans)!!!

Can't wait to see the "new" Fantasy. We sailed on the Imagination in January after the "redo" and I really liked it.

A friend of mine is suppose to be the karaoke host ...
he knows we are sailing with him in February 09...but he does not know we are coming in October. We just sailed with him on the Legend in May. I am trying to make it a surprise. (hopefully his contract starts when the ship comes back from drydock...or the surprise will be on me)

It will be a fun time.