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Originally posted by Berick1234:
II hope I don't have the cabin next to yours...sorry, but a crying baby on board isn't much fun....maybe that's one of the reasons they have age restrictions......
Bob E
Sorry for this comment Grenham
I hope you enjoy your cruise
But I have to ask,

well I can't say it better than Berick1234 but this post only opens a few questions for me,

for example:

I pay a cabin next to a cruiser with a baby of 3 months (against the rules of RCL) and the baby keep crying all night and I can't sleep because of it or even enjoy a quiet evening on my cabin since you know they get sick very often at this age, and judging by the rules of RCCL the baby is not suppose to be on board,

we all have the same company rules no?

Rule (Trvlpro):

"6 months is the minimum age and it's actually 12 months on many sailings including TransAtlantic, cruise/tours and other itins. You will be denied boarding if the child does not meet the age minimum."

note: They started to enforce that rule just a few months before now, so My guess your last year cruise does not count,
Believe me even if the say so at RCCL, the booking outlet say they can denied you board ship becuase of it, so I will not be so sure they will let you board that depends on the captain of the ship not the company...

Back to my point:

but what will happen on my cruise If I got to guest relations and file a complaint:

RCCL will refound my cruise becuase of it?

Will they take the family out of the ship since they are against the rules??

What actions do the company will take?

since the rules applied to all cruisers on board, even for me, or the cabin next to me
What will be their answer to it?

I can say it's good to take a baby on a cruise I will never do that to a baby, even adults have problems on long cruises(seasickness)
but as a cruiser I will like to know if the rules are for everyone on board or just for a few thats all.

sorry If I was rude with my post...