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Cruising is not for everybody. No matter what you like, their will people who just don't care for that same activity. Cruising tends to offer a little of everything in my opinion. But you will still come across people who still picture a cruise ship that is loaded with nothing but retired people that are no fun, cabins that might as well be broom closets except for that prop shaft that runs through it etc etc... You just need to tell them how things really are, that its like going on a caribean vacation to multiple islands and how the cost compares to a "standard" vacation. After that they need to make up their own mind.

We got the entire family to go because my mother in law is sick and "this may be the last chance to get everyone together". Guilt is a powerful tool.. Actually I doubt we will be able to ever get my sister in law to cruise again. Both times, she has had nothing but problems...
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